Link exchange with the Pig

Link Exchange Rules

  1. is open to link exchanges with all types of quality porn sites, provided your site has nice free content (ie. picture galleries, movies, tube videos, live webcams).
  2. Link exchanges with porn directories are accepted.
  3. I trade with clean sites only. No CJs, popups, exit consoles, phishing attempts or other annoying tricks.
  4. Do not send blind or skimmed traffic from links related to pics/thumbs/tubes. This will affect your traffic productivity and your site will be deleted.
  5. Blind traffic from webcam related links are ok.
  6. The majority of your traffic must be from first world countries (USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia).
  7. Sites sending traffic with majority of traffic from third world or developing countries (ie. China, India) will be deleted without notice.
  8. Your site must have a toplist near the top of your main page or you must give a hard link on your site.
  9. All new trades are turned off by default, but are usually activated within 24 hours. You must send a minimum of 10 hits before your site will be activated.
  10. Once you submit your site, I will receive an automated email letting me know that you have signed up. Feel free to contact me by icq (174742565) for quick approval.
  11. Cheaters and unproductive trades will be deleted without notice.